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2016-2017 Coaching Staff

U12-Bekah: Bekah Louie, assisted by TBD

U12-Jim: Jim Hardy assisted by Millie McChesney/Julie Gaevert

U13-Rachel: Rachel Wenholz assisted by Kayla Zacharias

U13-Alexis: Alexis Morgan assisted by Kellie Kou/Sheila Friend Gray

U14-Jon: Jon Wintermeyer assisted by Laura Deely

U14-Chris: Chris Lundquist assisted by Jim Hardy

U15-Richard/Kayla: Richard Staudt/Kayla Erickson assisted by Michael Goh

U15-Patrick: Patrick McKellips assisted by Bryce Morsello & TBD

U16-Julia/Emily: Julie Church/Emily Perkins assisted by Bret Renschler

U18-Ed: Ed Segat assisted by Alex Sele

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 Chester Uchida
Coaching Manager



Rachel Wenholz

Julia Church

Emily Perkins

Kayla Erickson

Alexis Morgan

Richard Staudt

Ed Segat

Jon Wintermeyer

Sheila Friend Gray

Steve Choi

Bekah Louie

Jim Hardy

Alex Sele Chris Lundquist Kellie Kou  Kayla Zacharias
Michael Goh Laura Deely Bret Renschler Patrick McKellips

Dan Urrutia
Coaching Mentor
Setting Instructor

Andrew Kwatinetz
Coaching Mentor


Gene Lim
Coaching Mentor


Bryce Morsello
Officiating Guru





Kayla Zacharias
Clinic Instructor

Patrick McKellips
Clinic Instructor

Luke Martin
Clinic Instructor

Elli-Allen Hatch
Clinic Instructor

Sydney Sarver
Clinic Instructor
Jaeden Hooker
Clinic Instructor
Mallie Donahoe
Clinic Instructor


Jordan Carter
Clinic Instructor

Susan Slagle
Clinic Instructor

Mark Myers
Clinic Instructor

Megan Robinson
Clinic Instructor

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