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All information regarding our club season can be found under the CLUB TEAMS tab.

Here are some common questions that we receive from New to Club Parents:

When are tryouts?

U15-18 Tryouts will be hosted on July 16, with more information to come soon. U12-14 Tryouts will be announced soon.

Can my daughter try out for more than one club team?

Yes, we encourage all players to tryout for multiple teams.  The tryout process can be very intense and overwhelming and it's best to give your player a lot of options.  

Can my daughter try out for tryout for (2) age groups within Cascade?

Yes, players are welcome to tryout for U13 and U14 or U12 and U13.  We do not recommend players tryout for U15 as a U14 eligible player because tryouts are two weeks apart.  When tryouts are at the same time, i.e. U15&U16 - please only register for (1) tryout - you do not need to pay for both.  You may email us to let us know you are interested in being considered for the older age group.

Where can I find a list of teams in Puget Sound Region?

The Puget Sound Region (PSR) website has a listing of all of the clubs in the area. PSR Club Listing  Be warned!  Just because a club lists itself at a location, DOES NOT mean the practice are at that location.  Please be sure to go to their specific website to find practice locations. Cascade has practices at Shoreline Christian School and North Seattle Church gyms.

What can my daughter expect at Cascade Tryouts?

Cascade tryouts are generally larger than many clubs in the region and can be overwhelming if players don't know what to expect. 

With larger tryouts, there is usually a "cut" about half way through and we highly recommend all parents be present at the mid-point of the tryout in case their child is cut.

The tryouts are not just about your current volleyball skills: coaches are also looking for qualities such as positive attitude, communication skills, athleticism, helpfulness, ability to be a team player and coach-ability (or how well a player can understand and execute what the instructor has just demonstrated).  See our Tips for Tryouts tab.

It isimportant to remember that not all players that tryout for Cascade will choose Cascade.  They may attend several and some players will get several offers - so we always recommend players stay positive and if they don't get an offer the first day - come to our make-up tryout at the end of the week and try again.

It is also very beneficial to send emails to cascadevolleyball@gmail.com expressing your child's interest in playing for Cascade and if you would be willing to sign the letter of commitment immediately.  If coaches are trying to choose between several alternates, they are more likely to choose players that they know will sign with them.

How will my daughter find out if she has made a team?

Players are assigned numbers at the tryouts.  All communication is based on this number so that names are not listed.  During the first cut, players that are invited to STAY for the remaining time have their numbers put on a white board.  Players must stay for an entire tryout in order to be considered for a team and offered a letter of commitment.  Cascade is in the process of reviewing our procedure for notifying players of offers - please come back to review the final process closer to tryouts.  

Do you have an alternate list and how are they contacted?

All players that make it past the the first cut are considered an alternate.  We encourage all alternates to come back to our Make-Up tryouts (see Tryouts Tab) so the coaches can have another look at them.  By the make-up tryout - coaches will know how many spots they have available to offer to alternates.  It's very important that you make sure you contact information is up to date in our system.  Go to EDIT MY ACCOUNT to login and make sure - as this is how we will contact you.  

If selected, when do we need to commit?

PSR has implemented a Letter of Commitment - Letter of Commitment Parent Guide -please read signing rules here.

If my daughter makes a Cascade team, is she guaranteed a spot the following year on a Cascade team?

No. Each year every player must compete at tryouts to win a spot.  It is very important that your player understand that because they played on a Cascade team the prior year, they are NOT GUARANTEED a spot the following year.  Incumbents get the benefit of the coaches knowing them and if there is a "tie" as players are being evaluated, the tie goes to the incumbent.  Please note that our tryout registration numbers get bigger each year from U12 to U13 and then U13 to U14.  Not only are your players competing against other Cascade Incumbents but also with other club players as well as players that have attended many clinics and camps and have worked to build their skills all year in hopes of making a team.  All players develop at different rates.  Each coach has their own criteria they set when they are looking to build a team.

What is the time commitment (how long is the season)? 

Club volleyball can be overwhelming in terms of time. Most teams will have two 2-hour practices a week from November through the end of May and generally 2-4 weekend tournament days per month. 

Where are the practice locations?

There are very few club volleyball options in the city of Seattle. Our core practices are located in north Seattle or south Shoreline;North Seattle Church in Seattle and Shoreline Christian School in Shoreline.  See our Practices & Tournaments tab.

Where are the tournament locations?

The tournaments will be mostly in Tacoma, Puyallup or Lynnwood/Everett, sometimes in Seattle, Bellevue, Olympia and Kitsap. Tournament locations are NOT POSTED until 2 or 3 days before the tournament.  This is not in our control. 

What can I expect of a typical tournament day?

Tournament days are LONG - and usually an hour or so away.  Players cannot expect to do multiple events in 1 day (i.e., play tournament and run to another school event or sport and then come back to the tournament).  They typically start at 8:00 am and can run as late as 8:00 pm although goal is usually 6pm.  Some tournaments are run more efficiently than others.

Do you need parent volunteers? Do I need to do anything special to be able to Volunteer?

Coaches always appreciate when parents coordinate food tables and carpooling.  We have a great website that allows everyone on the team to contact each other.  Phone numbers and emails can be found for all team members and their parents on our website once you are logged in and assigned to a team.


USAV/SafeSport -Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP):

Cascade Volleyball Club is committed to the safety of all participants and adheres to the required Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) https://usavolleyball.org/safesport/maapp/ set forth by USA Volleyball and the Puget Sound Region.