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Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle
PO Box 27081
Seattle WA 98165-1481

 - response time is usually less than 24 hours - please follow up with us if you do not hear back with in 1 day.

Federal Tax ID # is 26-1838241 

Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle is a Washington State Non-Profit Amateur Athletics Corporation that does not qualify as a tax deductible charity or child care provider.  Please consult your professional tax advisor or consultant when using this Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle’s name and Federal Tax ID Number.

Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle is affiliated with the Puget Sound Volleyball Association Region of United States of America Volleyball Organization. 

NOTE: Cascade Volleyball Club is a Washington State Non-Profit corporation registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(7) organization. To keep costs down, we have no physical office or regular office hours. We prefer that you contact us by email whenever possible.

Gene Lim President of the Board
Darren Gray, Renita Gray, Stacie Siebrecht, Richard Staudt - Board Members


Olivia Morris, Executive Director:  

Chester Uchida, Coaching Director: c/o



Gene Lim
Coaching Manager
Chester Uchida

Executive Director
Olivia Morris