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Practice schedules for 2019-2020 will be finalized in October - all dates/times posted are from LAST Season.

Times will vary a few times early in the season due to ref training and other gym conflicts.

Team Day/Time Location Day/Time Location
U12 Sun 1:30PM SC Wed  6:00pm NSC
Summit Sun 3:30 PM SC Thu 6:00pm NSC
U13 Sun 3:30pm SC Thu 7:30pm SC
U14 Tue 6:30pm HMS Thu 6:30pm OH
U15 Tue 6:30pm HMS Thu 6:30pm HMS
U16 Tue 7:30pm SC Thu 6:30pm HMS
Crest Mon 8:00pm NSC Wed 7:30 SC

See our Facilities and Maps Tab for addresses and special instructions.
***Note - after basketball season ends in February - 7:30 pm start times at Shoreline Christian may move to 6:30 or 7:00pm

HMS - Hamilton Middle School

SC - Shoreline Christian High School

NSC - North Seattle Church

OH - Olympic Hills

 2019-2020 Tournament Schedule  will be updated when available.  
(Note: U13 teams play in U14 Power League) 

Schedules will be posted on Each Team's calendar under Team Pages.