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Puget Sound Region has established a Letter of Commitment for all players in the region.  Players will sign this letter of commitment and then be required to return Cascade’s Contract with the Letter of Commitment.

Please follow this link for the PSR Letter of Commitment

It is important to note that all Incumbents (played for Cascade last year) and Non-Incumbents are treated the same this year.  

Deadline for submitting the PSR Letter of Commitment and Cascade Contract is 72 hours from time of offer.  Your contract will list the time of your offer.  If you do not notify us that you are declining the offer and your paperwork is not received by the deadline specified, the offer will become invalid. 


Parents/Legal Guardians must be available at the end of tryouts to receive the contract/Letter of Commitment. We will ask you to sign a log confirming the contract has been received at or before the time stated.  This will help with any confusion regarding the exact time the contract is due.

*Please notify us in advance if the parent/legal guardian cannot be present at tryouts.