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All players must have a USAV membership to participte.  Please read carefully and email us with any questions at cascadevolleyball@gmail.com

The following memberships are valid for INDOOR and OUTDOOR: we apologize for any confusion.  Cascade does not manage the USAV memberships through SportsEngine/Puget Sound Region Volleyball. If you have difficulties please email office@psrvb.org and cc cascadevolleyball@gmail.com.  We are happy to offer any assistance that we can.

For (U12-U17) players: please visit psrvb.org and choose the Developmental Membership

For (U9-U11) players: please visit psrvb.org and choose the Developmental Membership

For (U8 & Younger) players: this membership may not be currently listed on the psrvb.org website. It will be available during the Sports Engine process. Please create a Sports Engine account and then purchase the membership. But, please Do Not pay for a membership for this age group, it is free. 

Membership expiration varies.  Please confirm your membership is applicable to the timeframe of the program offered.  USAV membership allows players to participate in any USAV sanctioned event and is required for our club insurance.

There is a 3-step process for USAV memberships. Please read instructions carefully and watch videos provided on the psrvb.org website.

1) Create a SportsEngine account if you do not already have one.

2) Purchase the appropriate membership. Free for U8 & younger.

3) Screenshot membership card.


Clinic/Camp Memberships==> Carefully note valid dates before choosing.

  • 20-21 PSR Developmental (U8 & Under): parents create player membership, but it is free. Please create a Sports Engine account and then purchase the membership.
  • 20-21 PSR Developmental (U11 & Under) $15: this membership begins the date that it is purchased and is good through September 2021. 
  • 20-21 PSR Developmental Player (U12-U17) $30: this membership begins the date it is purchased and is good through September 2021.

IMPORTANT: USAV Upload Instructions for Cascade Registration

Option #1 When you purchase your player’s USAV membership print out the player’s membership card PLUS take a screenshot of the membership card, which will pop up right after you make the payment. You can upload that screenshot when you register for a Cascade clinic.

Option #2 Download a screenshot of your USAV membership from your Sports Engine account A) login into Sports engine B) click on Household C) tap on player's profile picture or initials D) take a screenshot of membership information - screenshot should show type of membership and expiration date  E) upload during registration for Cascade clinic


  1. Sign up for PSR/USAV Junior Membership, visit the Puget Sound Region USAV website (please read membership options above carefully before choosing membership).
  2. Provide a copy of your USAV membership (upload during registration- see instructions above) 
  3. Bring Signed Junior Volleyball Player Participation & Medical Authorization Form
  4. Bring Signed Student/Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form 

NOTE: Do not email the forms - you must bring hard copies.